Top 10 RC Cars and Trucks Of 2011!

If you haven't checked out anything remote control lately, technology has really taken off in recent years! Wanting to know which one RC cars and trucks are the best this year? Find out right here!

Update - I have added in my top 3 recommended RC companies you can find them near the bottom of the page!


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Which ones are best?

Here's a Top 10 list of this years hottest and best RC cars and RC trucks. Enjoy!

Top 2: HPI Savage X + Traxxas Revo 3.3

1. HPI Savage X

This is an upgraded version of the HPI Savage. It has all new features, making it go faster and harder than ever. This is a good choice for a first timer because you can bash this thing to oblivion and it will still keep running - one of the most durable RC trucks ever created to this date.

2. Traxxas Revo

The Revo's been upgraded with the new TRX 3.3 racing engine offering 60% increased peak horsepower. With a lower center of gravity and longer wheelbase - the revo takes RC trucks to the next level reaching speeds over 55mph!

3. Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec

The nitro 4-tec can reach speeds over 75mph and is one of the fastest nitro street cars available.

4. Tamiya TNX 5.2R

5. Team Associated Nitro TC3

The TC3 wins pretty much any race it enters. At one point, the TC3 was modified to go 134.4 mph, making it the fastest rc car ever created.

6. Traxxas Jato

The Jato is this year's best on-road and off-road RC truck. Capable of speeds over 65mph, this one comes out on top.

7. HPI Baja 5B

At 1/5th scale, this is a huge buggy. Capable of conquering any sand dune, this is 2007's best RC buggy!

8. Kyosho Lazer ZX5

Kyosho manufactures the best racing buggies. They certainly come out on top with the ZX5, pulling out all the stops.

9. HPI Firestorm

10. HPI MT2

The MT2 is this year's best low rider RC truck.

Top 3 RC Car Companies Of 2009!

1. Traxxas

Traxxas is my #1 pick of the year.

Traxxas has been producing the best nitro rc cars and electric rc cars for many years now and is the leading rc car company on the market today.

Traxxas leads in innovation and design and will be seen as a powerhouse in the remote control industry for sometime.

2. HPI Racing

HPI Racing is one of my favorite rc car brands on the market today. Their simplicity in design and manufacturing and customer service just remind us what a great company they are.

With the HPI savage and HPI Firestorm being some great additions to the radio control line it is no wonder why everyone buys from HPI racing.

3. Team Associated

Team associated produces I think the best quality rc electric monster trucks available today, with their most poplular modes being the RC10T3 and the RC10T4. Team associated is proud to be a dealer and manufaturer for rc enthusiasts around the world!

Stay tuned for more rc car news!